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25 Jan 2021

Hi Tomasz,
Could I get the url address of Friday's meeting notes ?
All best
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Dear all,
Thank you very much for the participation in the poll. We are very happy to see many responses. For this reason, we will have two meetings to make it easier for everyone to attend:
* Tuesday, 19 January, 10:00 CET (20:00 AEDT, 01:00 PST)
* Friday, 22 January, 17:00 CET (03:00 AEDT, 08:00 PST)
Calendar invitations are attached to this mail. Please join the one that is more convenient for you.
In the preparation for the meeting, please review the issues [4], check the existing work on mapping to funder templates [5,6]. There will be also a chance to discuss other topics related to maDMPs. The meetings are about you sharing your ideas.
Best wishes,
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Subject: [rda-datamanagplans][dmp-common] Open meeting on machine-actionable DMPs - we're not done yet!
Dear group members,
I am writing to invite you to the next open meeting on machine-actionable DMPs which we would like to organise in January.
We did not have enough time to discuss all open issues and collaboration possibilities in the last DMP Common Standards WG meeting [1] at the VP16 plenary. We focused on the current state of the recommendation [2], maintenance plans, and had great speakers showing us their adoptions [3]. The fact that we have a recommendation on machine-actionable DMPs, does not mean that everything regarding maDMPs is solved! To open up the floor to you, we would like to have an open discussion in a virtual meeting in January.
Please indicate your availability till 07.01.2021:
The agenda is still open and we are open to suggestions from you. As of today, we see two main topics for the discussion.
First, we have a couple of open issues [4] in our GitHub repository regarding the enhancements to the recommendation. Most of them come from adopters, e.g. 'how to indicate that extensions are used' or 'cardinality of identifiers for datasets'. We would like to resolve as many issues as possible before the next plenary. To do so, we need your feedback. Please comment directly under specific issues [4], but also come to the meeting to discuss them.
Second, in the hackathon on maDMPs [5], the TigTag team started with mapping of maDMPs to popular funder templates, such as, Science Europe, NSF, etc. We are looking for volunteers who would like to continue working on this task. The preliminary results, as well as the mapping to popular funder templates can be found in [6]. Thus, we would like to establish a common mapping to major funder templates. This should help us in further standardisation and development of tools, which in turn should bring benefits to the whole research community.
Depending on the expected participation, we may organise two meetings to better accommodate time differences.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
Tomasz Miksa
Co-chair of the DMP Common Standards WG and Active DMPs IG
P.S. Many of you are working on implementing the recommendation (a non-exhaustive list can be found here [7]). Please let us know, if you're also implementing maDMPs, but you are not in the list.
[1] Meeting slides:
[2] Recommendation:
[3] All presentation from the plenary:
[4] Open issues:
[5] Hackathon:
[6] TigTag team report:
[7] List of adoptions: