RE: [rda-datamanagplans][dmp-common][exposing-plans] An unfortunate clash in the schedule for P10

06 Sep 2017

Hi Kevin,
That BoF has been proposed by the group at Queensland Uni (Andrew & Helen) who have developed the Data Management Records tool. This is an evolving record of the data and actions - essentially a metadata record and provenance trail that accompanies the data on deposit. The group have also been pushing the notion of project IDs (Research Activity Identifiers or RAIDs). See more at:
They blogged a while back and Steph and I subsequently had a call with them. We actually encouraged them to come to RDA as we want to collaborate more. The overlap is significant and Stephanie had already emailed RDA to see if one could be rescheduled but we haven't heard anything back.
Is there someone we should prompt specifically to push this?
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Subject: [rda-datamanagplans][dmp-common][exposing-plans] An unfortunate clash in the schedule for P10
Members of the RDA DMP interest group & the DMP working groups:
I and the the other group co-chairs are looking forward to joining
some of you at the forthcoming plenary in Montreal, and particularly
to the joint session on Wednesday with the domain repositories IG.
Unfortunately it seems we have a clash with what appears to be
a pertinent BoF session. I didn't spot this clash early enough to ask
the RDA Secretariat to reschedule one or other session.
The BoF in question is titled "Data Management Records and Persistent
identifiers". Its premise is that DMPs are static documents, but
should instead be active machine-actionable objects and that PIDs are
a necessary component of them. This will be familiar to members of
this group. The BoF case statement says it has overlap with the
Active DMP IG but I'm not aware of where that overlap is - can anyone
here clarify?
The session description for the BoF is here:
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