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Why should you become an RDA member?

Because you support our mission, agree digital data is a fundamental tool for scientific and societal advancement, and are committed to the development of interdisciplinary data sharing practices and infrastructure.

Joining RDA as an Individual Member is free, simple and easy. All members are asked to subscribe to the alliance's Guiding Principles.


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What are benefits of becoming an RDA Member?

  • Enhance RDA’s existing set of Recommendations
  • Create and shape RDA's future Recommendations
  • Contribute to an exciting and global discussion on removing the barriers to data sharing and re-use and contribute to the practical development of concrete solutions
  • Access an extraordinary network of colleagues with a broad set of experiences, perspectives, practices, and intellectual frameworks relevant to data-driven innovation
  • Gain greater experience and expertise in data science regardless of whether one is a student, early or seasoned career professional
  • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of personal work and activities
  • Improve one’s competitive advantage professionally and position oneself for leadership within the broader research community
  • Participate in bi-annual RDA Plenary Meetings, workshops and elections
  • Participate in RDA scientific meetings


Who are RDA Members?

Since its launch in 2013, RDA’s membership has grown to more than 7,800 individuals from academia, industry, and government, representing over 137 countries in numerous disciplines, including but not limited to library sciences, Earth science, astronomy and meteorology.

Typical job titles of our members include:

  • Data professionals / Information technology specialists and managers
  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Professors
  • Librarians & Archivists
  • Programme & Project managers
  • CEO, CTO, COO, Managing Directors
  • Policy developers & managers
  • Other positions impacted by data

How Does RDA Help You?

Regardless of discipline, data professionals and information technology experts understand the importance of sharing their data practices with researchers, scientists, and other individuals who typically produce and/or use the information, often in interdisciplinary and cross-organizational projects. In addition, academia is increasingly aware of the need to teach good data sharing practices as a basic part of the curriculum

However, infrastructure challenges often prevent effective and efficient collaboration among data producers and users. As an RDA member practicing in any of these professions, you have the opportunity to overcome these challenges.

Through your participation in an RDA Working or Interest group, you will have the opportunity to engage with those in your field and those in different professions to develop and implement data-sharing infrastructure solutions that could potentially accelerate interactivity and innovation among all disciplines and industries worldwide.