GEO RDA 8th Plenary BoF meeting

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02 June 2016 1726 reads

Meeting title: Moving from Observations to Information and Knowledge

Please list the meeting objectives:

The meeting will explore the value chain from observations to data and information/knowledge in the hands of users. 

Meeting agenda: RDA IGs and WGs address many of the elements of the knowledge value chain and certain activities such as data fabric look at this from a broad perspective. The meeting will discuss approaches to the evolution of information from observations to knowledge supporting decisions and how this can fit within the RDA community. The discussion can be in context of the Group on Earth Observation objectives of providing observation data and related information to decision makers.

Audience:  The Communities of Practice working on/with Earth Observation data. 

Reference reading material will be provided through the RDA website

Group chair serving as contact person:  Jay Pearlman (co-chairs: Ari Asmi, Stefano Nativi and Peter Wittenburg)

Type of meeting: Working meeting