Fostering community convergence in research infrastructure data management

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20 December 2017 1867 reads

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Fostering Community Convergence (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session page:

Updated Meeting agenda

We will have a number of short 5 minute lightning talks with immediate Q/A and then open the broad discussion.

  • Maggie Hellström: short summary of next steps with respect to the GEDE PID document
  • Peter Wittenburg: DIgital Objects and their impact
  • Wolfgang Kuchinke: scientific data and blockchain technology
  • Carlo Maria Zwölf: Citation
  • Maggie Hellström: FAIR and being FAIR
  • Peter Wittenburg: Role of Repositories
  • Other topics of relevance (in case a particpant would like to highlight another topic)
  • ~30 minutes broad discussion and group forming

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

In close collaboration with the Data Fabric and other groups in RDA the GEDE group ( pushed ahead convergence about "PIDs and PID Systems" during the last year and created a comprehensive report which will be published soon under GEDE and Data Fabric. Since GEDE includes delegates of 47 research and data infrastructure projects this broad agreement finding fostered convergence in many European disciplines working on infrastructures. This may indicate the impact of this group in disseminating the results of RDA broadly. The work on PIDs was a first test case for the group to understand the nature of collaboration, the possibilities and the relation with the relevant RDA groups. GEDE is now mature enough to start a few parallel activities to again forster convergence amongst those who need to build infrastructures. A recent meeting indicated 4 topics of relevance which could be taken up partly in shorter teim periods: nature and role of repositories, methods of citing, methods of versioning, methods of interlinking repositories. Other burning topics may be raised during the session. the GEDE group will again invite all interested people in participating and in particular invite specialists (chairs) of the RDA groups working on the topics.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

Data Fabric: 
GEDE: Report on PIDs and PID Systems: to come before Christmas on GEDE and DFIG sites
PIT Group
Kernel Group:

Meeting objectives

The meeting is meant to:
- briefly represent the report about PIDs and PID Systems
- identify the most burning topics for infrastructure implementers
- identify the RDA groups and other relevant material for the chosen topics
- identify conveners and actors interested in the topics
- roughly sketch a time plane for the identified topics

Target audience:

The meeting is relevant for all experts interested in typical implementation problems during infrastructure building seeking for convergence where possible. The meeting is also relevant for the group experts working on the selected topics to make their contributions, point to RDA group results and where possible to implementations. The GEDE interaction has demonstrated its capacity to bring people together and thoroughly discuss results and open challenges across many disciplines and also RDA groups.

Group chair serving as contact person: Peter Wittenburg

Type of meeting: Informative meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

Access Code: 708-547-405

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