Extend discussion for Library for Research Data IG and Long Tail of Research Data IG of RDA

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19 January 2016 1526 reads
Date: 4th March 2016 13:00-16:00
Organised by: National Institute of Informatics, Japan
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Although the Libraries for Research Data and Long Tail of Research Data IGs will offer the Working Meeting during the Plenary, session time is limited. This discussion expect the better understanding about each IG activities for future collaboration. Organizer will collect requests sheet from the Plenary participants, especially from the new comers, to know which topics you would like to insight into in order to facilitate research data related activity in your institution. Beginners to this space are most welcome and meeting style would be casual.

This discussion opportunity expect better understanding of research data sharing among librarians and also has a strong benefit to the activity of L4D and Longtail IGs.