Training & Webinars

The digital change and the huge increase of volume and complexity of data will revolutionize science and industry. 

To make sense of this evolving and complex landscape, and to make sure the work done has a high impact, RDA will continue to provide training opportunities.

RDA offers a series of training webinars, face-to-face workshops, hackathons/datathons partly organized as “summer schools” and special meetings on request. The topics will be primarily related with RDA recommendations and outputs, but it will also address general topics facilitating data sharing and re-use, interviews with notable people and information sessions such as reports from RDA plenaries. 

In case that you are unable to attend a webinar: All webinars will be recorded, and the videos will be published shortly after the event. They are available in the Past Webinars section of this website.


Please use the registration form to sign up for the webinars. The webinar access link will be provided upon registration. Specific information will be provided for participation to the face-to-face and hackathon events.

Technical details

For converting the webinar time into your local time zone, you may use e.g. time bie or time and date.

Sometimes firewall settings block the execution of the Adobe Connect webinars. Please try this test link to see if you are affected. In case your institution firewall blocks the execution, please try using an open internet connection or apply the following instruction to your settings. It is also possible to participate via mobile devices (Apple, Android, Blackberry).


Upcoming events

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24 April 2018, 13:00 CEST

EOSC-hub & OpenAIRE-Advance: national nodes meetup

Najla Rettberg, OpenAIRE; Gergely Sipos, EOSC-hub; Daniel Bangert, Sarah Jones, RDA Europe

Restricted Webinar

EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance projects


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