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As both a publisher and a digital solutions provider, Elsevier embeds research data in the workflow and makes it accessible, discoverable and reusable.

Elsevier also applies metrics that enable both researchers and institutions to gauge progress toward compliance and performance goals.

Through our publishing processes, we work with researchers to provide a strong practical example of how data exposure along with published papers can augment the quality, transparency and impact of their research.

Elsevier and RDA

Elsevier is actively involved in discussing the key issues on a range of important issues related to scholarly publishing including open access, open data and open science.

By joining the RDA Elsevier is looking to actively contribute to RDA’s vision of openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society.



OA Member

Wouter Haak, VP Research Data Management Solutions, Elsevier

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Wouter Haak heads research data solutions at Elsevier. Formerly, he was responsible for Scopus, ScienceDirect and Mendeley product strategy. Both roles share the core focus on delivering tools that improve research outcomes. In the area of data, use and re-use is increasingly important. This goes beyond the availability of data — it is about data normalization, discoverability, trust, credit and overall integration. The future of research is about the ability to better share data where all stakeholders benefit.