Earth System Science data management BOF - P6 BOF session

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16 July 2015 2838 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 5 - 13:30


The Earth system model data community is well organized, mostly because of the requirement to support international climate model intercomparison projects (CMIPs). This resulted in the establishment of data standards, international data management agreements and policies as well as infrastructural services (e.g. the the Earth System Grid Federation, ESGF). On the other hand there is a growing need to better integrate observational data and provide consistent data services to support diverse user communities (e.g. the climate impact community). This also includes the provisioning of data near data analysis services. Also a  better integration with related communities (e.g. the climate data assimilation community) is required.


The goal of the meeting is to discuss the current status of (and plans for future) climate data management services and infrastructures and agree on possible coordinated pathways forward. The establishment of a RDA interest group is on the agenda as well a short status review of  RDA related activities.  


Status and plans for climate data management and end user services

short overview presentations (see slides at the bottom ot this page)

  • Processing services in EUDAT (Christian Page)
  • Big data analytics workflows for climate (Sandro Fiore)
  • CLIPC perspectives (Sarah Callaghan)
  • Downscaling services et al. (Antonio Cofino)
  • PID uptake plans: ESGF for CMIP6 (Stephan Kindermann)

RDA related activities coordination

  • Discussion on the establishement of a RDA interest group: focus, people, moving forward

Follow up action discussion on:

  Contact Person: Stephan Kindermann