Early Career Fellows RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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02 June 2016 2159 reads

Day 3 - Saturday 17th September 2016 - 11:00 - 12:30
Meeting title: RDA Early Career Fellows Meeting
Chairs: Inna Kouper, Beth Plale, Hilary Hanahoe, Kathy Fontaine 

RDA early career programs encourage engagement of early career people in the RDA.   The RDA Data Share program in the US for instance has 17 active fellows working on self-defined activity in cooperation with Working Group and Interest Group members in RDA.    The proposed BOF will allow the early career program of the US and its partner programs in other countries to advance the needs of early career researchers through a scheduled session. It will further allow us to explore the viability of establishing an IG for more persistent serving of this important segment of the RDA community.  


  • Provide audience-wide feedback on fellows’ projects
  • Identify concrete strategies for bringing RDA back to a Fellows’ institution
  • Lessons on effective teamwork:  a skill for the future 
  • Gather data for determining utility of establishing an Interest Group to serve the needs of early career fellows 


  • Round of lightning talks (5 min) on early career projects
  • Talk on effective teamwork 
  • Panel discussion on brainstorming concrete strategies for bringing RDA back to a Fellow’s institution

This BOF is limited to past and current Fellows of RDA’s early career programs in the US, Europe and elsewhere, and their mentors.  Should the session and program leads determine that an IG has utility, the audience for the IG will be opened to all early career people. 

A report will be written and published via the US RDA Data Share program and EU early career web sites..