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28 Sep 2014

Posting file attachments to IG file system

I've noticed that the files we attach when posting make it through to email to the people registered.  But they don't go into the IG file system unless someone adds them.  This means that if people learn about the IG later and register they miss the email and have difficulty finding what has been attached to the posting unless we put them also in the file system.

13 Aug 2014

Community discussion of the definition of Digital Object

For some time we've had alternate ideas about the nature and essential definition of a Digital Object (DO).  The term is used widely (4,340,000 hits in google) but with different implicit ideas in various communities.  Of course this is far from the only term with differing views from different communities, but this one seems central to communites and workers with

03 Apr 2014

Notes from the RDA Data Foundation and Terminology (DFT) WG session 2 at Plenary 3

Notes from the RDA Data Foundation and Terminology (DFT) WG session 2  at Plenary 3

Co-chairs Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz, Peter Wittenburg   15 people

Edited Notes by Gary Berg-Cross (SOCoP)

Co-Chair Gary Berg-Cross kicked off the meeting with a signup sheet, and the first 3 categories if 10 part table of Core Terms with some initial Definitions and graphic term relations.

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