Data Typing - P6 BOF session

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16 July 2015 1627 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 6 - 15:30

Description (90 minute session)
Coordinate and discuss plans for a potential future working group on “data typing”. The requested session will either be a kick-off of the new group if it exists by P6 or will serve as a BoF. 
The new working group will expand on the efforts and outputs from the Data Type Registries working group. The session objectives are to identify if the goals of the new working group align with the expectations of the attendees. Producing recipes (i.e., a set of instructions) that will help data producers define types to their data, identifying best practices and policies for federation of data types, etc., are some of the technical/policy objectives of this new working group. We expect representation from material science, air quality, and climate data communities, among others, in this session.
  • Discuss the current state of affairs: where we are, what we can do with existing systems/technologies, shortcomings/drawbacks of current affairs, and low-hanging fruits if any.
  • Discuss in detail the use cases outlined in the WG charter draft and engage participants to get feedback on the WG specifics.
  • In particular, discuss the motivations behind the need to define structural types, vocabulary types, service types, etc.
  • Discuss federation issues and topics to be covered in the WG.
  • Identify champions from the participants and nominate them to propose technical/policy solutions so the WG members could consider and comment on the proposals before next plenary.

Contact Persons: Giridhar Manepalli, Tobias Weigel, Simon Cox