Data Perspective beyond Alliances

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18 January 2016 3277 reads
Date: 03 March 2016 14:00 - 17:00
Organised by: Science Council of Japan (Committee of International Scientific-Data Activities, CODATA National Committee, WDS National Committee, Committee of Data Alliances)
Chairs: Shuichi Iwata, The Graduate School of Project Design; Akira Nagashima, Chubu University; Toshihiro Ashino, Toyo University; Yasuhiro Murayama, NICT; Takashi Watanabe, WDS-IPO

This half-day symposium will be held on 3 March 2016 afternoon as a collocated event of RDA 7th Plenary. It is Co-organized by three data-oriented committees under the Science Council of Japan.  In recent years, we have found a significant growth of metadata systems and data alliances in various scientific domains, and significant efforts have been paid to assure multidisciplinary data usages, as being done by several groups of RDA, CODATA and WDS.  In parallel to these efforts, it will be highly required to have a “foresight” beyond the establishment of interdisciplinary data systems or data alliances.  For example, it is not clear yet what new research field will be opened by multidisciplinary data usage. New problems will be come out by extensive data usages, e.g. data policy, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), long-term data preservation including security problem, etc. In this symposium we will establish a common understanding on the subjects given above. This symposium will be consisted of invited and contributed talks.

RDA is operating working groups on data interoperability and data publication taking the era of multidisciplinary data usage in consideration. Although the original idea of this event has emerged from CODATA and WDS communities in Japan, outcomes from the symposium will be useful for discussions in RDA and other venues. An additional objective of the symposium is to invite many data-oriented scientists in Japan to international data activities led by RDA, CODATA, and WDS.

The principal objective of this meeting will be:

1) to propose a strategy to create new research based on multidisciplinary data usages, particularly on studies of environmental change, human health, and disasters;

2) to make clear the strategy to use multidisciplinary data for technological innovation;

3) to identify processes to use scientific data for social activities

We hope that outcomes of this meeting will be reflected in discussions on these subjects going in RDA, CODATA and WDS. Since the organizing bodies are committees of the Science Council of Japan, the common understandings of this symposium will be a starting point to prepare an action plan for international collaborations.
Preliminary agenda:


S. Iwata (The Graduate School of Project Design)

Data Perspective beyond Alliances - Positioning and Targeting

Session 1: Developing Policies for Coordination and Sustaining Data Systems

Chair:  M. Mustapha (WDS)


C. Smith (OECD Global Science Forum)

OECD Global Science Forum (PDF)


A. Treloar (Australian National Data Service) and Sanna Sorvari (Finnish Meteorological Institute and WDS Scientific Committee) 

International Coordination of Data Infrastructure
(PDF Treloar) (PDF Sorvari)


S. Hodson (CODATA)


Business Models for Data Infrastructure (PDF)


Y. Murayama (National Institute of Communications and Information Technology)

Open Science and Data Platforms—Current status in Japan (PDF)



Discussion on the next step





Session 2: Multidisciplinary Data Activities for Open Science and Technology

Co-Chairs:T. Watanabe (WDS) and Y. Murayama (NICT)


B. Ritschel (Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science)

Data alliances in Open Science for multidisciplinary data usage


T. Ashino (Toyo University)

Further requirements for materials science and engineering data


V. Khodiyar (Scientific Data, Nature Publishing)

Data sharing as part of the research workflow: Perspective from Scientific Data



Announcement of meetings held at SCJ on 4 March