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06 Nov 2014

China Expert Joining the gang

Dear all,


just to update you on two aspects:

- Rob and I are currently drafting the very first draft version of the White Paper and of course we hope that we cover the essences of the discussions. If not you will comment.

- I just heard that Yunqiang ZHU from an institute of the Chinese Academy of Science will join our work which I think is very good. From a visit lat year I know that they are doing excellent science/data infrastructure work.


24 Oct 2014

Data Fabric Ideas discussed at National Data Services Conference in Rockville MD

Several RDA members were at the recent NDS meeting and there was mention and discussion of Data Fabrics as of interest to the NDS folks. Beth presented slides on DF which was followed by discussion sparked in part by John Henry's questions.  I asked John to post it on this forum and some of us (Beth, Kathy, Larry and myself) who responded can pen our thoughts afterwards.


Alan also promised to have some Qs or comments to this forum all of which I hope will contribute to our IG and white paper moving forward. Ed Seidel may also have some comments.

21 Oct 2014

A use case from the National data Service (NDS)

I noticed that NDS has a sample use case and it seemed like it would be of interest to keep as part of our collection of use cases.  Note that it cites among other things the Virtual Observatory which was also discussed at our BoF session at P4.  Robert Pennington of NCAS may have more to say about this exampe since NDS is under him...


Using the NDS: a scenario

To illustrate how a scientist might use the NDS, consider this scenario for astronomy research which we think can be realized:

30 Sep 2014

Notes of DF IG/BoF Meeting at P4 20140924

I've finally gotten and had time to go thru Keith's excellent notes from our DF meeting at P4.  I've added a few things to it such as Beth's diagram and some info from my briefing slides along with some notes that I had.

I'm sure that there are still things that could be added such as long, summary comments from Tim and others, but I hope this will serve as a base and people can comment and even edit if they think it useful.