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IG Data Fabric : PID Centric Configuration Building

25 May 2016 2213 reads

Meeting title Data Fabric Configuration Building : PID-Centric

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

24 Sep 2015

Some RDA Terminology discussion for Data Management and Data Fabric

The attached slides by me (Gary Berg-Cross)  were partially presented at the DF IG to cover some of the issues raised by comments on the Paris Data Management paper discussed at P6 Data Fabric session 1.

We didn't have time to talk about all of this but the slides present some of the criticism and some responses how we might address some of these by developing additional terms, by broadening concepts and terms and by developing clearer conceptual models to show relations betweee terms.

09 Apr 2015

A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg-Cross, Jeffery, and Moore)

:The Data Fabric Interest Group (DFIG) has gotten off to a rapid start with a draft white paper, acquisition of use cases, and presentations at Plenaries.  Alternate views of the Data Fabric scope and purpose are now starting to emerge.  Three of us (Berg-Cross, Keith Jeffery, and Reagan Moore) thought that some alternate views might be outlined and offered for discussion. The intent of this paper is present some ideas on these views and to promote discussion of them within the community.  So comments are welcome.