Data Cultures, Practices, and Ethics - P6 BOF session

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20 July 2015 2167 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 4 - 11:00

This BOF Session is co-sponsored by the Digital Practices in History and Ethnography IG, the Ethics and Social Aspects of Data IG, and the Engagement IG. This session will provide a forum for discussing the many different ethical issues pertaining to data and data sharing, and the different ways such issues are conceptualized and managed in the diverse data cultures, practices, and infrastructures represented in the Research Data Alliance. It will provide an opportunity for researchers from diverse fields to present brief accounts of ethical issues encountered in their domains, and (successful or otherwise) social and technical strategies for dealing with them. The aim is to understand the differences in data ethics across disciplines to enable better collaboration among disciplines.

Topics include but are not limited to:

* Informed consent and balancing data privacy and data sharing: Changing IRB forms and expectations

* "Thick ethical description": Characterizing key ethical differences across data domains through ethnographic interviewing

* Ethical practices concerning credit and authorship when reusing data. All are welcome, but this session will be especially appropriate for researchers interested in qualitative studies of data practices and ethics.


Contact Person: Mike Fortun