Coordinating international interoperability efforts - P5 BOF session

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27 January 2015 1776 reads

Globally, scientists and governments alike are recognizing the importance of information interoperability to enable new scientific discoveries, and inform policy and resource management. For example, recent mandates within the US government prioritize open data for federal agencies and federally funded science, and encourage collaboration among agencies to reduce duplication of efforts and increase efficient use of resources. There are several existing initiatives working toward these goals (e.g., COOPEUS, EarthCube, RDA, ICSU-WDS, DataOne, ESIP, USGEO, GEO). However, there is no cohesive framework to coordinate efforts among these, and other, entities. Here, we propose to describe the landscape of these initiatives and to establish a mechanism to coordinate these efforts.

COOPEUS and EarthCube have already begun to map the landscape of interoperability efforts across earth science domains..The COOPEUS mapping effort describes the EU and US landscape of environmental research infrastructures to accomplish the following: identify gaps in services (data provision) necessary to address societal priorities; provide guidance for development of future research infrastructures; and identify opportunities for Research Infrastructures (RIs) to collaborate on issues of common interest. The EarthCube mapping effort identifies opportunities to engage a broader community by identifying scientific domain organizations and entities. During this session, we will continue stakeholder engagement to build on these results to establish a cohesive international community, and create a sustainable effort towards removing barriers to interoperability on a global scale.

Goals of this session:

• Identify synergies between international interoperability initiatives, including RDA, COOPEUS, EarthCube, ICSU-WDS, Belmont Forum, etc.

• Establish an interest group that maintains regular dialogue about the activities and accomplishments of these initiatives to create efficiencies and maintain communication across these organizations.



1.5 hour session 3 x 15 minute oral presentations, 45 minute discussion COOPEUS – Ari Asme EarthCube – TBD RDA – (Kathy Fontaine)


Contact Person:  Lindsay Powers

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