Re: [healthdata] Mapping Construct Poll Decision and next steps

25 Jan 2017
Groups audience: 

Thanks to everyone for participating in the poll and your willingness to contribute to the ‘Health Data Mapping’ initiative. Hopefully you received the invitation directly from Doodle; there will be two meetings to accommodate the different timezones:
Tuesday, January 31
14:00 GMT
January 31/February 1
23:00 GMT/10:00 CT (Sydney)
For this first meeting, I hope to accomplish the following objectives:
· Brainstorm constructs of ‘Health Data’
· Identify other initiatives
· Identify examples of means to visualize the data
Note that during a brainstorming activity we want to be as expansive as possible as we are trying to gather as many ideas as possible without filtering just yet. So, while I have put some categories in the Google doc, feel free to add a tab with your ideas that may not quite fit in current constructs. (If this doesn’t make sense yet, we will go over it in the call).
If you would like to start working before then, please feel free to contribute to this document:
I will get the call-in information added to the invitation as soon as possible.
Leslie D. McIntosh, PhD, MPH
Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics
Assistant Professor
Washington University in St. Louis
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