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12 Oct 2016

Building on the success of the 2016 Chemistry Data Summit (held at the 2016 Spring ACS Meeting), CINF is planning a Materials Data Summit for the 2017 Spring ACS meeting in San Francisco, April 2-6. Multiple sessions will pull in papers across informatics disciplines to discuss common problems and highlight technical advances in handling data, and how cheminformatics can contribute to materials research and applications. There are two sessions running under the "Advanced Materials" umbrella: "Data Characterization and Applications" covering a broad range of materials related data efforts, and "Issues in Nanoinformatics and Nanosafety Data" focusing particularly on nano-data.
Advanced Materials Data Summit
Designing and processing advanced materials involves an unprecedented range and scale of data types throughout their life cycle. Applications from coatings, medical treatments, solar devices, pesticides, paints, and construction materials, to air pollution are manufactured, measured, regulated, and monitored, generating further data. Rapidly developing areas such as nanotechnology push the envelope of many global science infrastructures, including scientific standards, intellectual property and ethical treatment of humanity and the environment. In the age of big data technologies, what are opportunities and challenges for channeling data back into the materials pipeline to improve safety and efficacy world-wide. This symposium is a call for advanced informatics techniques and community resources for collecting, curating, analyzing and applying chemistry and materials data. We hope to hear from data producers, managers, and users concerning standards development, terminologies, metadata, workflows, analysis tools, models and representations, data accessibility, and lessons learned for safe application and design.
We invite you to contribute your expertise in chemical and materials data characterization on this theme. We are looking for broad participation and welcome your suggestions for additional experts.
Abstract deadline is October 31st for this symposium,
You are not required to be a member of the American Chemical Society to participate in the conference.
If you have any questions about the summit email us. Thank you for your consideration!
Leah McEwen (***@***.***), Stuart Chalk (***@***.***), and Evan Bolton (***@***.***)
CINF Advanced Materials Data Summit Organizers

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    Author: Stuart Chalk

    Date: 31 Oct, 2016

    Please note that the abstract deadline has been pushed back to November 7th.  If you have any questions about submitting an abstract please contact Stuart Chalk (

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