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24 Aug 2016

Thanks Simon and all. Yes, I agree that it should be formatted before it's
broadly released. Gail has kindly offered to do that, although it may not
be by the end of next week. My assumption was that it would be sent to the
reviewers and the RDA group chairs in the meantime, but not "published". We
should be able to finalize it before Denver. Gail, the IG co-chairs, and
others on the IG may have further comments. FYI, I'll be hard to reach
through Sunday.

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    Author: Timea Biro

    Date: 30 Aug, 2016

    Dear all,
    as Mark mentioned, we would very much like to include a highlight on the
    work done in the upcoming RDA Newsletter.
    Please find in attachment a short announcement my colleague Laura has
    prepared for this. We kindly ask you to review it and let us know if
    you have any comments or suggestions, if possible by tomorrow COB UTC.
    Our newsletter is schedule to go out on 1st of September.
    The content might need a slight update based on your decision of how and
    when to publish the output for community review so we kindly also ask
    you to let us know if there are changes/updates that need to be
    reflected in the announcement.
    Thank you very much & congratulations on your work,

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