The Engagement Interest Group

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27 Jun 2014

The Engagement Interest Group

Description / Abstract / Agenda: 

Date & Time: BREAKOUT2 Monday 22 Sept 2014, 13.30 – 15.00

The Engagement Interest Group will organize a break-out session during the Plenary 4. The agenda for the session is as follows:

- welcome and introductions (5 min)
- update on the previous activities and on the report prepared by the group after the 3d plenary, focusing on the development of the Domain Interest Group Form and Function model (DIG-FF) (10 min).
- report on the outcomes of the summer project conducted by the RDA/US intern under the mentorship of the Engagement IG co-chairs (20 min)
- discussion of the report and its outcomes (10 min)
- revisions / further development of the DIG-FF model and next steps in its implementation (30 min)
- discussion of the goals and activities of the group for the next 6 months (15 min)
The session will be of interest to anyone who would like to contribute to finding ways to facilitate and streamline interactions between domain researchers and technology experts and infrastructure providers.
The break-out is planned for ~1.5 hours, but the timing can be adjusted based on the rest of the plenary scheduling.
Groups audience: 
Engagement IG
Inna Kouper, Andrew Maffei
Chair contact emails :
Do you plan to have more than one session? If so specify how many: 
Preference to avoid conflicting schedule with the following WG/IG/BoF group meetings: 
Digital Practices in History and Ethnography IG, Data Across Disciplines: A (Ethnographic) Project BoF, Community Capability IG

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