VSIG proposed regular telecon schedule

02 Feb 2016
Groups audience: 

Hi all,
After some deliberations we have the following proposed schedule for regular VSIG telecons.
Wed. 2nd week of month at 9pm UTC, 4pm ET, 2pm MT, 8am Oz (thur)
Wed. 4th week of month at 3pm UTC, 10am ET, 8am MT, 2am Oz (thur)
On this schedule our next telecon would be Feb 10 at 2100 UTC.
We’ve tried to set times that are reasonably convenient for all time zones at least once per month.
Please let me know if you would be unable to make either of these regularly scheduled slots and you have a strong interest in attending the telecons.
We hope this schedule works for most of the group.
Stephan Zednik

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