DFT IG officially Recognized by the RDA Council

19 Jan 2016

We have been happyly informed, that based on our revised Case Statement,  the RDA Council has formally Recognized and Endorsed this group as of January 18, 2016.

Peter Fox is theTAB Liaison; Herman Stehouwer is theSecretariat Liaison. 



Note, we plan our preparing for our events at P7 by having a 1 hour virtual meeting the week of January 25th.


Note also, some new terms have been added to the tool such as:

Data repositoryData review‎;  Data journal‎; Data Publishing‎; and  Data publishing workflow‎.

Thanks to Amy L. Nurnberger for doing this.

These, issues of data Fabric terms as well as tests of the use of vocabulary services are 

lanned as part of our january telecon.  Plase let us know if you have topics that you want to discuss,





  • Peter Fox's picture

    Author: Peter Fox

    Date: 19 Jan, 2016

    Congrats DFT IG. I look forward to liaising with you all. Note I will not be at P7. Otherwise, let me know how I can help.
    Many of you may know that RDA (TAB) is looking at more use case awareness and coordination. Am happy to elaborate.

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