ESAD Interest Group Update

28 Oct 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well!

I have updated our Interest Group page with a few items. You can now find our P6 session notes (Thank you, Mersiha!) on the wiki page. In addition to that, there are two new folders, one for updates on Corey's project "Data Sharing and Ethics in Sharing Citizen Science" and a folder for uploading resources related to the ethics of data/ data sharing. This second folder will be the spring board for our group's annotated bibliography.

The plan is to work on collecting and annotating resources in the next few months. If time allows, we will also work on our other two deliverables, producing educational materials and case studies of ethical dilemmas, in preparation for the next Plenary in March.

If you know of any existing work that is relevant to our group's mission, please share those in the resources folder or send me an email ( Any input is greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,


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