Joint meeting of IG Geospatial & IG Big Data Analytics of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) at Paris - ideas for joint collaborations invited

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13 Sep 2015
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We are pleased to inform that the next joint meeting of IG Geospatial & IG Big Data Analytics of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) will be held at the Sixth RDA Plenary (23rd-25th Sep, 2015) in Paris to build upon our previous joint meeting and activities at RDA5 in San Diego, California. 

The minutes and presentations from the joint meeting of Geospatial and Big Data IGs at RDA5 , San Deigo are available at Thanks to Chris Pettit (University of Melbourne) for chairing the P5 joint meeting aimed at bridging synergies with Geospatial and Big Data research communities in particular for our Road Map Challenge ideas for Urban Science and City Analytics (joint ideas in Geospatial and Big Data ) See ideas in place at and join the mailing list at
The aim of our next joint meeting is to expand synergies in Geospatial Big Data Analytics and research. Myself and my co-chairs in Geospatial IG will welcome your ideas for planning the various WG activities. We will use this meeting opportunity to also build upon actions from our previous meetings of the Geospatial IG at Dublin and Amsterdam Plenaries in 2014.
The draft program for the Paris Plenary joint meeting is available at 
The joint meeting aims to build upon our previous joint meeting at RDA5 and draft agenda below
  • Updates on Geospatial IG
  • Updates on Big Data IG
  • Presentation and discussion on EC's 'big data' portal EarthServer . Details at
  • 2- 3 short presentations to be finalised on both Geo and Big Data
  • Ideas for specific actions in Geospatial IG and Big Data IG
  • Explore collaborations for future joint bids (H2020, NSF etc)
If anyone is interested to contribute their ideas/topics for this meeting, please let Andrea Perego (JRC, European Commission ; Email - ) know by 17th Sep, 2015. 
We are looking forward to expand these ideas in the future. Looking forward to  Plenary 6 meetings with a focus on Research Data for Climate Change.
Best wishes,
Suchith Anand, Peter Baumann, Andrea Perego, Luciene Delzari, Helena Mitasova, Chris Pettit


  • George Percivall's picture

    Author: George Percivall

    Date: 13 Sep, 2015

    Thanks for organizing this session and posting this message.
    The embedded link for the draft program is broken, but this should work:
    Regarding Urban datasets, you may be interested in this recently published CityGML LOD1 dataset of NYC available as open data:
    • All buildings (1,082,015 objects with all related addresses and up to 55 thematic attributes per object)
    • All roads (149,292 objects with up to 24 thematic attributes per object)
    • All lots (866,853 objects with up to 92 thematic attributes per object)
    This NYC semantic 3D city model was created based on datasets in the NYC Open Data Portal
    Since the model was derived from NYC Open Data their terms of use and conditions apply.
    Click here to launch the Online Viewer Demo in your web browser.

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