Measure performance of support services

06 May 2015


This might be of interest for those interested in measuring service performance in supporting researchers in what we call eResearch services in Australia.. 
A couple of colleagues and I have been looking at a self assessment tool which could also be used for benchmarking. We are presenting a new version next Monday at the THETA conference in Australia. The paper is a follow on from feedback received from a previous conference paper. If you are interested feel free to complete the (beta) survey as we are interested in getting as much feedback as possible.
At this point we are trying confirm we have covered all the dimensions of support services, that the scope and level of detail are correct etc. Basically we want to confirm we are on the right track. However we will take any feedback.
I think we've removed all the Australian idioms etc. Apologies if you come across a term you don't understand.
The survey is at:
It produces a radar chart at the end.
There is link to the full conference paper at the bottom of the abstract at:
  • Amy Hodge's picture

    Author: Amy Hodge

    Date: 22 Jun, 2015

    Hi Malcolm,

    The link at the bottom of the abstract to the full text is dead. Is it possible to get that fixed, or is this report available from somewhere else? 


    Amy Hodge

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