Plenary #6, Paris, September

15 Jun 2015
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Dear Interest Group,
I am pleased to announce that the RDA has (finally!) formally endorsed the Interest Group for Data Rescue, so we can begin to plan activities, meetings, and involvements in conferences.
Two things are presently on our horizon:
(1) Workshop on Data Rescue. This has been approved by the RDA, subject to the IG being endorsed, and will be supported by the RDA with $10K. The venue will be Boulder (CO), the date some time in the Fall of 2016.
(2) Plenary 6 in Paris: Since the IG is young and has an important message to share with the RDA community, it would be could to hold some form of focus meeting at the next Plenary meeting in September. The theme of that Plenary is Climate Change, and obviously Data Rescue has a great deal to offer in terms of modelling the slow natural changes of our world and bio-systems. If you have thoughts about the content, format and extent of that focus meeting, please could you share them with the IG within the next 48 hours? We have until next Saturday to draft and submit a Case for holding such a session.
(a) The principal topics to get across are surely the "benefits" of being able to access rescued data, so it's the Success Stories that need to be showcased.
(b) At the same time, to avoid it all looking simple, we need to dwell on the difficulties, the losses and the problems encountered, and then conclude with a model for action.
(c) Should we have a succession of papers, or would it work better as a Panel Discussion?
Looking forward to your responses! Sorry for the lateness of the above, but the RDA took for ever and a day to get round to endorsing us.
Elizabeth Griffin
(co-Chair, Data Rescue IG)
We need an acronym! IG-DAR? The affiliated CODATA Task Group is "Data At RIsk, known as DAR-TG. IG-DAR would stand for "Interest Group for DAta Rescue."=

  • Jamie Shiers's picture

    Author: Jamie Shiers

    Date: 16 Jun, 2015

    Dear Elizabeth,
    The "powers that be" will look favourably on meetings that focus on "work", as opposed to just information exchange.
    So I would suggest that one item should be to come up with a concrete work plan - including but not limited to planning the Boulder workshop.
    Cheers, Jamie
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  • William Anderson's picture

    Author: William Anderson

    Date: 16 Jun, 2015

    Jamie et al., following on from Jamie's suggestion:
    Coming up with a concrete work plan will be enough work for an RDA session. I agree that organizing the Boulder workshop is one action. Perhaps the RDA session can be a work session to provide a landscape of practicable data rescue actions. And if there is time, to get commitments to take steps on 1 or 2 of them. (Aside: a successful session like this was held for the CODATA Data Archiving and Preservation TG at the 2002 CODATA Conference.)
    I view the work of this IG and the CODATA DAR-TG to be that of building awareness and demonstrating workable solutions. Data rescue work, like long-term data preservation work, needs to be ongoing. The current conversations regarding why, when, and how to share research data is instructive. There will be a range of agendas and opinions.

  • Anne Thessen's picture

    Author: Anne Thessen

    Date: 16 Jun, 2015

    A good data rescue topic for climate change might be informal biodiversity
    observations like through volunteer networks and local experts.
    Just a thought.
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  • Elizabeth Griffin's picture

    Author: Elizabeth Griffin

    Date: 31 Aug, 2015

    Dear Colleague,
    I am writing about the upcoming RDA Plenary #6 in Paris. The Data Rescue IG, in partnership with IGs Geospatial, Big Data Analytics, Domain Repositories, Libraries for Research Data, Publishing Data and Preservation e-Infrastructure Data, is holding a Joint Session on Wednesday September 23 from 13:30-15:00. Attached is the full Case of what was accepted by the RDA as a description of that session.
    We need to put together a Panel of speakers. If you are attending the Plenary, and have an appropriate report (either positive or negative) on data rescue to relate, would you be willing to be included in this session? Please could you let me know, so that we can build a schedule. We have only 90 minutes; the proposal mentioned about 8 panellists, though it was hoping for a double session rather than just one.
    This will be the first formal meeting of the Data Rescue IG, so it should commence its public life by showcasing the kinds of endeavours that are the meat (and the rationale, of course) for rescuing historical data. We also need to review three Events that belong to Data Rescue: (1) A Workshop on Data Rescue in Boulder in the Fall of next year, (2) A Book on "Data Rescue", and (3) a short publication on "Guidelines for Data Rescue". Part of the input to this last will be captured by the Workshop, but we also need to attract the views from the perspective of data management, and those people are more likely to be at the RDA Plenary than at the Workshop.
    I hope very much to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes,
    Elizabeth Griffin

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