RE: 1st Draft Guideline Principle 3

08 May 2015

Probably due to the late hour, my laptop insists that it is too tired to wiki, so I am having problems with this notebook I carry tonight to introduce the draft in the Wiki Doc. I attach it, and will try tomorrow to incorporate it with my normal laptop (Maria or Simon, can you try it, since I´ll be busy all morning?, thanks in advcance)
Take care you all
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Para: puhlir; RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability IG
Asunto: Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] Legal Interoperability conference call Friday, May 8th
Dear Paul
Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I'll not be able to participate in the Friday call. I shall have to defend a case in court. Is it possible to postpone the discussion on the balance chapter to the next call?
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Am 06.05.2015 um 14:46 schrieb puhlir
Hi all:
We will resume our weekly Friday calls this week at the usual time at 9:00 EDT. Simon Hodson will send out the GoToMeeting instructions in the next day.
The agenda is to discuss the first two draft Implementation Guidelines. The authors of each of those should be prepared to lead the discussion and everyone else should be ready to comment. If you are unable to participate in the call, please post written comments, along with your name and date, on the RDA wiki. We also will have an update and discussion of the case studies, time permitting.
Enrique Alonso Garcia will chair the call.
Best wishes,
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