Topic for discussion - Spatial Digital Twins

13 Jun 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I am a founding member of RDA, but have been out of the mix for a few years.  Hoping to reconnect with RDA and specifically with fellow Geospatial IG folks.

In my new role we are discussing the geospatial interoperablity frameworks that would need to be in place for buzzwords such as "Digital Twins" and "metaverse" to have any chance of succeeding.  Even many in the geospatial industry are beginning to acknowledge this as a critical need.  While there are countless facets to these topics, I have been wondering if there might be a role (and appetite) for this IG to spin up a WG to produce an output on what areas there might be agreement on in terms of data types and feeds?  A starting place where we might be able to articulate some solid ground instead of trying to "boil the ocean" on such expansive topics?




  • Peter Baumann's picture

    Author: Peter Baumann

    Date: 14 Jun, 2023

    Hi Aaron,
    nice to see ideas pop up! For sure a WG could be possible if you gather
    sufficient aficionados. I would encourage you to collect a team, define outputs
    and how to get there, and then submit it to RDA for approval. I would support it.

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