where to add new use-cases?

04 Apr 2023

Dear all,

after the very nice session we had in Goteborg, I am now looking for a place to add a new community use-case & tool description, in-line with what we discussed in the session.

Probably a template structure to elicit also some metadata would be nice. I am not in a hurry, but it would be good to keep momentum.


Daan Broeder


  • Shelley Stall's picture

    Author: Shelley Stall

    Date: 11 May, 2023

    We are sending out the meeting schedule shortly, and the agenda for early June will include new use cases. You are welcome to share what you are thinking with the co-chairs, and we can make sure there is adequate time to present at the meeting. 

    It's good to have you on the team!


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