Japanese Translation of PIDINST white paper

02 Feb 2023

Dear PIDINST colleagues,
A small Japanese group translated the PIDINST white paper into Japanese.
A WG blonging to RDUF (Research Data Utilization Forum) are learning how tangible research objects
(including research instruments, materials, bio samples, etc.) can be identified in digital and referred from
not only their lab or institute but also the world.
Now, the the translated materials are maintained on github forked from the original repository,
where our working results are locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES
RtD is also available at https://pindinst-white-paper.readthedocs.io/ja/latest/white-paper/index....
Any comments and recommendations to our next action is very welcome.
Especially, I am considering how to relate out outputs to the original work.
Takaaki AOKI, Nagoya Univ.

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