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    Author: Kerstin Lehnert

    Date: 16 Feb, 2022

    Good point. Maybe time to revisit the definition/scope of the IG.
    On 2/16/22 18:09, Mark Parsons via ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and

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    Author: Lesley Wyborn

    Date: 17 Feb, 2022

    Dear all

    I will go with the flow. As per other comment, the original name of the group when it started in 2018 ( was based on the name of the AGU and EGU Earth Space and Environmental Science Informatics (ESSI) Sections/Divisions. 


    The idea  of the ESES-IG was that we could connect the AGU/EGU ESSI activities (mainly Global North) with broader global initatives, in particular with the Global South (i.e., Africa, Asia and South America).


    And to members of ESES-IG in Aftica, Asia and South America we would love to have presentations from you at P19. We have been slowly increasing participation and presentaions from your areais in recent years - please make sure we have some items from you for P19.

    Looking forwward to hearing from you.


    Take care





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