Take aways from today's meeting

09 Nov 2020

Hello all,
Very informative meeting today - thanks to all involved.
I had two important take-aways:
If we can change sentences that we use from “minimum metadata” to “minimum metadata for use case” it would be a huge step forward. Even minimum metadata for fundability, accessibility, interoperability, or reuse would be huge.
I agree stories are really important. Let’s make sure we include user stories as well as data provider stories and keep in mind that what makes it easier for one of these groups typically makes it harder for the other.
Thanks and stay safe,
Ted Habermann
Dr. Ted Habermann
Metadata Game Changer
ORCID: 0000-0003-3585-6733

  • Kerstin Lehnert's picture

    Author: Kerstin Lehnert

    Date: 09 Nov, 2020

    Thanks, Ted. Great take-aways. And great insights for our way forward.
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    Author: Sarah Ramdeen

    Date: 09 Nov, 2020

    Someone else said this during the meeting -- 'minimal metadata to support
    sustainability' which has a nice ring to it (though not sure
    sustainability captures all the FAIR concepts).
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