AGATE: A CRIS on the Way to Europe

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02 Apr 2020

AGATE: A CRIS on the Way to Europe

The interlinking and FAIRness of research information and data is - more than ever before - one of the most important challenges that must be tackled nowadays in order to make research truly innovative, efficient and transparent. Academies in Europe and around the world are traditionally places of excellence for top-level research. AGATE is a current research information system (CRIS) that aims to bring together information on their projects in a metadata platform to contribute to the FAIRness of their research.
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Name & surname: 
Frederic von Vlahovits
Scientific Discipline / Research Area: 
Humanities/Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)
Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz
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  • Katherine McNeill's picture

    Author: Katherine McNeill

    Date: 09 Apr, 2020

    I am interested in how organisations track datasets (as a type of research outputs) in their CRIS, related to a project we're working on.  So this may be something that it would be of interest to discuss.

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