The Use of A Data Repository in Soundscape Monitoring and Ecological Assessment

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29 Jan 2020

The Use of A Data Repository in Soundscape Monitoring and Ecological Assessment

We will provide an overview of depositar which is a research data repository built on top of CKAN, an open source software package originally developed for publishing open (government) data. Several features have been added to depositar to better support the deposit, curation, and exploration of research datasets. The new features include, among others, 1) rich metadata support, 2) spatiotemporal annotation and query, 3) preview and overlay of spatial datasets, 4) Wikidata-powered keywords, and 5) a simplified frontend and registration process.

We will then share our experience working with a collaborative soundscape monitoring project on using the repository to help manage and publish research datasets. We will also describe the use of the repository in projects supported by small government grants on ecological assessment of small-scale public works. We will discuss issues related to project composition and role, data workflow, and the current practices, emphasizing the collaborative nature of these projects.


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Name & surname: 
Tyng-Ruey Chuang, Cheng-Jen Lee, Chia-Hsun Wang, and Yu-Huang Wang
Scientific Discipline / Research Area: 
Domain Agnostic
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
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  • Sarah Jones's picture

    Author: Sarah Jones

    Date: 02 Apr, 2020

    It's great to see your extensions of CKAN. Are they also open source for others to use? I love the wikdata powered keyword search terms too.

    What uptake of this technology have you seen, either in your own repository installation or others reusing code. It would be great to hear user feedback if you have any.

  • Wong Chia-Hsun's picture

    Author: Wong Chia-Hsun

    Date: 07 Apr, 2020

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you very much for your comment and question. :)

    Yes, those extensions are also released under the MIT License.  You can find source code and installation info in our github project page (link to source).
    We are very interested in developing wikidata-related technology too; we hope to add more features in the future.

    Actually I think as a software package CKAN is not so easy to handle. If you check its installation page, you will find CKAN is quite complicated. But we still hope to have more programmers and users joining us in using CKAN. Right now, there is another CKAN instance using our extensions.

    Please give us more feedback. Thank you!

  • Asahiko Matsuda's picture

    Author: Asahiko Matsuda

    Date: 08 Apr, 2020

    Not a question, but I went to see how your Wikidata-powered keyword management works on your  repository, and thought it's really cool. We don't use CKAN at our institute so we cannot benefit from your work directly, but it certainly gave me an inspiration. Thank you!

  • Cheng-Jen Lee's picture

    Author: Cheng-Jen Lee

    Date: 09 Apr, 2020

    Dear Matsuda-san,

    Thank you for the comment and It's a great pleasure for us to hear that. We are still seeking more possible ways to utilize semantic relations present in Wikidata.

    PS. We've also shared our experiences of Wikidata integration at WikidataCon 2019 and you may want to take a look at it:

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