RDARI survey data published

  • Stephan Hachinger's picture

    Author: Stephan Hachinger

    Date: 22 Jan, 2020

    Great work James, thanks!!!
    On Wed, 22 Jan 2020 15:16:02 +0100
    jajwilson_UCL via Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG <***@***.***-groups.org> wrote:

  • Ville Tenhunen's picture

    Author: Ville Tenhunen

    Date: 23 Jan, 2020

    Dear James, all,
    Thank you for your hard work with this. This is clearly a milestone for
    the whole RDARI IG.
    On 22/01/2020 19:47, StephanHachinger via Research Data Architectures in

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