Re: RDA Ethics and Social aspects of UAS Data: proposal P15 ?

04 Dec 2019

Dear Group members
I hope everyone is well and apologies for filling up inboxes (instead of stockings
As Alison pointed out we did indeed asked if there was interest in this group to share your expertise and discuss ethical guidelines for the use of drones (UAS) and drone data for research purposes. You can find it under WELDD (the listserv doesnt allow me to post hyperlinks I think)
Hurray we now have a page and are going through the motions to make it endorsed etc so lost of opportunities also to shape the work we want to commit to the next coming months.
I would very much welcome members of the IG to join us especially how to develop the ethical guidelines according to the FAIR principles and standards so also to Anne we would be grateful if you would be interested to contribute if you can ?
I am currently working on the draft proposal and happy to discuss a joint session or otherwise.
Freyja van den Boom
PhD Candidate with the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management
(CIPPM) and Faculty of Media and Communication.
Visiting researcher at the Faculty of Law, European University Institute, Florence
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  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen's picture

    Author: Anne Cambon-Thomsen

    Date: 04 Dec, 2019

    Thanks, very interested to contribute, but as regards  the P15 session
    drones are not my most developed specialty but I can contribute on IA
    and recall the statement of the European group on ethics of Science and
    new technologies (I am member of) on and also
    a member of a UNESCO Chair on Science, ethics and society where there is
    an axis on ethics of digital world and robotics
    So if you think it is useful;
    Where do I find the link you mention?

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