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18 Apr 2019
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Dear all,
Following our WG session at the Plenary in Philadelphia we had some
discussion concerning the co-chairing of this WG. Ari indicated that he
was stretched over too many activities recently so that he wanted to
resign from the role as Co-Chair of this WG. I was sorry to hear that -
but I can definitely understand the motivation for this decision. Ari:
sorry to see you go in your role as Co-chair, but I hope you will still
be able to join and contribute to our activities in the future via
ENVRIplus/ENVRI FAIR and others. Thanks a lot for all your help and support!
On the other hand, we had been aiming at extending our coverage, both in
terms of dicipline as well as regionally, in terms of Co-Chairship for
quite some time, and I am very hapy that we were successful to find and
convince an exzellent candidate to accept the role as Co-Chair:
Welcome, Mark Parsons and thanks for joining! :-)
Most of the members on this list will be more than familiar with Mark,
who has been following the activities of the WG intensively even in
times when he was busy with many other interesting challenges at the top
of RDA. More recently, he has been involved in adopting the
recommendations in the Deep Carbon Observatory as well as the inclusion
of the recommendations into the ESIP Data Citation Guidelines.
We are looking forward to continue our success in helping data centers
adopt the recommendations to enable researchers to pricisely identify
data at any level of granularity even in very dynamic settings, not
mater which discipline of type the data is in.
If you are also interested in helping with the organization and running
of this working group, please let us know - we are happy to increase our
And, as usual, if you have any adoption stories to share, are planning
to implement the recommendation, or face challenges in doing so (beyond
just budget issues :) please let us know!
Best regards, Andi

  • Mark Parsons's picture

    Author: Mark Parsons

    Date: 18 Apr, 2019

    Thanks Andi. I’m pleased to help out, but you have this WG functioning like a well-oiled machine these days.

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