DTR Breakout at P11

15 Mar 2018


We will have one DTR Breakout at P11 - in Breakout Session #6, Thursday 15:30-17:00. We are promised remote access.

This will likely be the final Plenary for the current DTR group and it will be a significant meeting for DTR. I will give a brief Outputs status report in the Thursday morning Plenary session and Denise Warzel, representing ISO, will be in the same session inviting RDA participation in an ISO WG focused on DTR. We will discuss this in greater detail in the DTR Breakout. Beyond this activity we need to disucss future RDA activities related to DTR, particularly in connection to other RDA efforts such as PID Kernel Information and evolving projects such as those that have come together under the C2CAMP banner. To that end I am posting an update to the document that Giridhar sent around last fall, asking for comments to help guide the ISO study group on DTR that he was managing at that time. Please have a look at this if you plan to participate in the discussions on DTR futures. It is also likely to form the basis of our report out to RDA on the status of the DTR WG efforts.

The draft agenda we sent in to request the Breakout session

• 0-15 Introductions, Agenda Bashing 
• 15-45 Updates on the most active adoption projects, including lessons learned and future needs 
• 45-60 Update on ISO Types standardization activies and discussion of synergistic RDA/ISO activities 
• 60-75 Discussion on relevance of ISO efforts to existing and future adoption efforts 
• 75-90 Next steps, especially addressing future RDA activities, if any, in this area

still seems basically correct, but I believe we should try to speed through first two elements to spend more time on consideration of ISO and other future issues.

Hope to see many of you in Berlin,



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