Data Fabric IG: Use Cases

This (or sub-pages) is the place to drop Use Case descriptions relevant for the DF discussion.

Current Status: Use Cases to be re-reviewed and put in context of current DF activities and RDA outputs

  • Thomas Jejkal's picture

    Author: Thomas Jejkal

    Date: 12 Dec, 2014

    Dear DFIG members,

    I've prepared a Use Case document covering a project we are currently working on which might be interesting for the White Paper currently being written. The project is about  building up an "Open Reference Data Repository for Nanoscopy". For a more detailed view on the Use Case and its challenges please see the attached document.


    File UseCase_DF_ORDA.docx15.93 KB

  • Reagan Moore's picture

    Author: Reagan Moore

    Date: 20 Jan, 2015

    A data fabric use case is described for organizing distributed data into a shareable collection.  The emphsis is on the data management activities that need to be enforced, automated, and validated.

    File Use case from DFC.docx531.5 KB

  • Peter Wittenburg's picture

    Author: Peter Wittenburg

    Date: 24 Jan, 2015

    We would like to encourage everyone who wants to upload a Use Case to make use of the attached template. This makes it more easy to compare and analyse which is at the heart of the DFIG work.

    Peter, Rob, Zhu

    File use case template-v2.docx20.52 KB

  • Siri Jodha Khalsa's picture

    Author: Siri Jodha Khalsa

    Date: 09 Mar, 2015

    I understand that submitters may not want their use cases public right away, but you could list the titles and submitters of use cases on the wiki.

  • Peter Wittenburg's picture

    Author: Peter Wittenburg

    Date: 09 May, 2015

    Dear Data Fabric colleagues,

    attached are all use cases that have been submitted to us as far as we know. Please correct us if we forgot something. The following cases are in the zip file "Use Cases1":

    • Storm Surge Forecasting via ADCIRC
    • A registry of research data repositories
    • translational medicine data
    • Human Brain Project Neuroinformatics Platform
    • DOBES replication use case
    • ENVRI plus use case
    • ligo use case
    • Open Reference Data Repository for Nanoscopy
    • Data Management in the ENES data infrastructure
    • Data Federation Consortium
    • Geo Science CN Use Case
    • EPOS Use Case

    In addition we will add a number of desciptions that contain useful information to our discussion and which we found for example in the EUDAT store or which were sent to us - they may be slightly outdated and are included in the zip file "Use Cases2":

    • ECRIN description
    • molecular genetics description
    • museum nature description
    • virtual physiology description
    • flow of sensor information
    • INCF Neuro Sciene description

    Please have a look, add your use cases and motivate your colleagues to add use cases.



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  • Chris Morris's picture

    Author: Chris Morris

    Date: 01 Jun, 2015

    A published structure is the result of several processing steps, beginning with data from one or more experimental facilities. Keeping track of which data entered into the result is an overhead cost for scientists which IT could help with. 

    It would go a long way forward to addressing this if repositories become able to save PROV-O metadata.


  • Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn's picture

    Author: Ralph Müller-Pf...

    Date: 01 Jun, 2015

    Hi there,

    I've prepared a use case of our computing center which is not as specific as the other use cases. We serve many communities and thus have to have both a general/generic and a specific view. 




  • Peter Baumann's picture

    Author: Peter Baumann

    Date: 05 Aug, 2015

    Hi all,

    I just have added a use case materialized in the EarthServer initiative: fusion on Petascale spatio-temporal datacubes utilizing an array database, rasdaman. As it is not (yet?) shown I attach it again.

    Looking forward to discussion.



    File UseCase_DF_EarthServer.docx17.94 KB

  • Daniel Kurzawe's picture

    Author: Daniel Kurzawe

    Date: 20 Aug, 2015

    Dear all, 

    here is a use-case of a humanities data centre design project. 




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