Historical Data Conversion and Archiving project

04 Aug 2018
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Historical Data Conversion and Archiving
Dear Sir/Madam,
I like to submit the below abstract for your kind consideration. I am the
member of Data Rescue IG in RDA. Being an LDC country’s member we took the
initiatives to development of Metadata, Time series data through a
Project(DCMPT). Please read the full document where we are seeking for
technical assistance from your organization.
With best regards.
*Abstract**: **Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has vowed to convert
Census/Surveys micro data for next generation technology format use
processed in IBM proprietary technology. After Bangladesh’s independence,
there is a rich repository of statistical information in IBM 360 to ES/9000
mainframe tapes, dating back to late 1970s and early 2000s time.*
*The overarching objective is to strengthen the prevailing national
statistical archiving system. BBS will be making available of this large
volume of converted data to the citizens of Bangladesh (if needed world
community) so that academic and scholarly debates can take place taking
cognizance of historical data. *
*This is a big step towards dissemination of Big Data covering Bangladesh’s
economic developmental trend since its birth in 1971. By revisiting time
series data, it is hoped that well-informed and meticulous policies can be
designed and formulated in the future. Most fundamentally, availability and
easy accessibility to such a large volume of Big Data will inspire
reassessing economic theories and indicators of development informing
Bangladesh’s position in global rankings like SDG.*
*Key Words: **mainframe, **historical data**, IBM, **archiving**, SDG.*

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  • Chris Muller's picture

    Author: Chris Muller

    Date: 06 Aug, 2018

    Mr. Roy,

    I believe you've been working on this cause for more than a decade. It's the perfect example of cases where nations, faced with urgent pressures from many directions cannot assign high priority (and money) to causes like this. But, as I'm sure members of this group understand, the long term benefits of rescuing and preserving data like this are great for both your nation and human culture in general.

    If any members are aware of sources for financial support of Mr. Roy's cause, it URGENT that they be made aware of this need.


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