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02 Aug 2018
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I agree with Hilary – looks great!
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Dear Sara,
Many thanks for the email, explanation and link to the new graphic design.
It looks very nice and highlights many of the aspects that we wish to focus on in this period.
I look forward to seeing it on line. Please pass on my thanks to the web designers for the lovely new look & feel
Kind regards
Hilary Hanahoe
Secretary General Research Data Alliance
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On 2 August 2018 at 10:23, sarapittonet <***@***.***> wrote:
Dear Secretariat and Web Focus Group members,
I am pleased to send you the link for the new RDA website graphical theme
The new theme will replace the current website, but I kindly remind you that for the moment it is just a graphical revamp: we believe it already gives a complete new look and feel to RDA web presence, but all those important functionalities that we discussed are not implemented yet, they will be implemented in the next weeks and months according to the timeline agreed with you all.
Let me just provide you with some comments:
* MEMBERSHIP/MY PROFILE area (top right side of the screen): if you access the website as NON registered user, you will see a message inviting you to register. If you access the website as logged-in user, you will see a message bringing you to your profile. This is the first step to improve the user experience of RDA users, bringing them directly to their (improved) user profile where all their groups will be listed
* Main sliders: of course more than one slider is available. We will add them once online.
* The Value of RDA for: the pages dedicated to RDA Funders and Industry and SDOs still need to be created, I will work on them next week
* RDA Adoption stories: for the moment you will see one example ("DKRZ adopts 6 RDA outputs for climate data modelling") accessible from the homepage. Once online, an entire menu will list all these stories (6 so far).
* Content updates: please note that in this test version you won't see all content (news pieces, posts from the groups, etc...). Don't worry: they will be all up-to-date when we will go online (the content DB is not updated in the testing version, but will be in the new one)
* RDA for beginners and HOW to pages: I will work on them next week
* Inner pages: Inner pages have just been graphically revamped. The changes of the user experience there (mainly in the Group pages) will be done, as said, starting just after the holiday break here in Europe (so September).
We really hope that you like this new look and feel.
All comments are welcome, as usual. We plan to put this online between today and tomorrow. This should imply only few hours of website non-availability, an announcement will be sent soon and will be published online during the offline time. From that moment, we will continue the improvement of the content and the website will be available as usual to all users.
Again many thanks for your support so far, we will continue relying on you also for the next steps.
Kind regards
-- DKRZ adopts 6 RDA outputs for climate data modelling
Sara Pittonet Gaiarin
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  • Elli Papadopoulou's picture

    Author: Elli Papadopoulou

    Date: 02 Aug, 2018

    Hello Sara,
    thank you very much for this. Looks nice, I really like it!
    Just few minor things and suggestions that could be taken into
    *Desktop version*:
    - social media icons at the top right corner to be enlarged
    - the two yellow frames in the banner containing members' and groups'
    numbers to be clickable. Also, for the "register now" and "Explore Groups"
    to be at the same level, plus both options to have their first letters in
    - RDA for Disciplines: "RDA and Linguistics" section currently lacks of an
    *Mobile version:*
    - "Research Data Sharing Without Barriers" at the very top is close to
    other information: i.e. RDA EU, RDA US,...; either increase the space
    between them or delete this statement?
    - RDA for Disciplines: "RDA and Linguistics" currently lacks of an
    image/icon & images/icons of this section in general are very large and
    occupy a lot of space (on my end at least)
    - Perhaps also enlarge the social media icons at the top and make the two
    yellow frames containing members' and groups' numbers to be clickable.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

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