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28 Jun 2018
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Dear Hilary and your Trust-IT colleagues,
thanks for setting up the group so quickly!
Regarding the discussion we had during the first telco yesterday about potential confusion for users trying to log in, I just want to clarify my point about "more than one login button" (mentioned towards the end of the last paragraph on page 1 of
On the attached screenshot (of the page, the visitor can see two buttons labeled "Log in" - one white with green border and text (circled in red and labeled "A" in the figure) and one black with white text ("B"). There is also a third place where log in is mentioned, namely in the top-most navigation bar ("C").
If I, after typing in my username and password in the two text fields, press the "B" log-in button, all is fine and I am logged in to the system (provided the account info is correct).
But, if I instead press the "A" log-in button, then the web page is reloaded which means that whatever I typed in is lost, and I have to start all over again to enter my information. The same thing happens if the user at this point clicks on the "Login" link (labeled "C" in the figure) at the top of the page.
In my opinion, there is no need to have the "A" button on this page - it should simply be removed.
Associate Professor Margareta Hellström
ICOS Carbon Portal staff member
Lund University
Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Sölvegatan 12, SE-22362 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46-(0)46-2229683

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    Author: Mark Leggott

    Date: 04 Jul, 2018

    Re Maggie's comment about the multiple Login buttons, I suspect this could be addressed when the new theme is applied? Login button A is actually a Tab, so if the new theme highlights the 3 tabs at the top as such, that would make this go away? The other option would be to label Login button B as "Account Login" to clarify.

    Login button C needs to stay there all the time to maintain the consistency of the UI and the purpose of the top menu bar, and it does change to logout when you are able to click the right Login button :-)


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