Corrected Agenda

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    Author: Jane Greenberg

    Date: 31 Oct, 2014

    Larry, thank you for the agenda, and for creating space for discussion.

    I believe it would be helpful "to" collectively define several objectives.

    The description provided by Larry says - " the focus of this meeting will be on the Metadata, on the relationships among the **Working Groups**, and the evolving notion of the Data Fabric as a framework into which the WG outputs would fit."

    Here are a few tentative objectives, and ideas.

    [DRAFT] Objectives for the meeting are to:

    1. Collectively advance the data fabric notion

    2. Delineate metadata aspects of the participating WGs; and confirm how these 'metadata aspects' interlink with and form a [the] data fabric

    3. Clarify the data fabric's place within RDA and for guiding RDA's Roadmap

    4. Explore the how the data fabric concept/roadmap can inform other related efforts, such as the NDS 5. Share updates on RDA-WGs represented.

    Is it reasonable to consider that most folks attending are aware of the goals of the MSD-WG? I would prefer to give a brief update on the WG, and instead give time/attention to the above objectives at the onset (or however they evolve). It will also be valuable to have come back to them on day two.

    RDA has MIG, context group, etc., and Rebecca Koskela and I have had a side email about bringing these RDA activities/groups into the fold too. (Is this meeting only for WG's? ) It seems to me that given the metadata focus, we will want to give the goals of these groups attention too.. for moving forward, growing the data fabric, and I think we can work this in on day 1--some, and then return to it in the discussion.

    Comments, questions, concerns... all welcome....

    ***also, thinking we may additional objectives to define too, including identifying [pressing] next steps too... w/data fabric or...??

    Larry -- is there a list of attendees? I'm a lil' unclear on the folks on this list, and those on the data fabric, and where there is crossover.

    best wishes, jane

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    Author: Larry Lannom

    Date: 31 Oct, 2014

    I will be sending out a list of attendees (as far as I know it - there may be some last minute additions) this weekend along with some logistics reminders.
    Also, in case its not obvious from the agenda, the WG reps should be prepared to present their current state and be prepared to comment on metadata aspects of their effort.

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