Geospatial IG - champions needed for taking forward

20 Jan 2018
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Dear colleagues,

The RDA11 Plenary is held in Berlin from 21-23rd March, 2018. It will be good to know who all will be interested to attend if  there is a  Geospatial IG meeting at P11.Since the start of establishing an IG, we have provided opportunity for bringing for all interested in 'geo' data aspects in RDA and outside for exploring synergies . We have one of the largest number of members involved in this IG. Though we had some colleagues interested in starting Transport WG [1] etc, it has not moved forward. It will be very helpful if we can get some help in getting these WGs started. We have been  using the IG for building synergies with key initiatives GeoForAll, NASA Europa Challenge, OpenCitySmart etc, so maybe it is an opportunity now to find champions for specific work.

I am grateful for the opportunity to start this IG and build ideas. As i am now busy with many other key responsibilities , I think it is now time for me to hand over the IG leadership to colleagues who can invest time to take this forward. So please come forward and take leadership for any activities you wish to take forward.

Looking forward to ideas/inputs from all.

Best wishes,




  • Seraphim Alvanides's picture

    Author: Seraphim Alvanides

    Date: 26 Feb, 2018

    Dear Geospatial IG

    I am writing in response to Suchith's posting calling for Champions to take the Geospatial IG forward. I have given this call a lot of consideration and I am now in a position to volunteer my services to the Geospatial IG community as a Co-Chair, subject to your agreement.

    I am an Associate Professor in Geographical Information Science, based at Northumbria University (Newcastle UK), since 2010. Prior to this I was based at the University of Newcastle (UK) and earlier at the University of Leeds (UK) where I completed my PhD (2000) under the supervision of Professors Stan Openshaw and Phil Rees. Over the past 20 years, I have been an active member of the various Geospatial communities through my teaching, research, practice and wider engagement. For example, I have acted as Chair elect of the RGS-IBG GISc Research Group (2010-13) and I am still involved in ctivities of various learned societies. Currently, I am Associate Editor for the Journal of Transport & Health and I serve on Editorial Board of the Int. Journal of Urban Analytics & City Science (Environment & Planning B). 

    You can find my academic profile here [1] and my most recent publications here [2]. I am committed to Open Source and my motivation to become more involved with the Geospatial IG is to learn from and support colleagues around the world on matters related to Open Data and Reproducibility of Geospatial research. Having supervised ten PhD students, I am particularly committed to supporting early career researchers and I am confident that our IG can do more in this area. Finally, I believe that there are synergies to be explored with other IGs, for example the recently formed ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences IG [3]

    I am hoping to secure funding and meet some of you at the forthcoming Plenary in Berlin. In the meantime, I appreciate your kind support in becoming more involved with the Geospatial IG as Co-Chair.

    Best regards,






  • Peter Baumann's picture

    Author: Peter Baumann

    Date: 27 Feb, 2018

    Dear Seraphim,
    thanks for speaking up, and your willingness to get Geospatial IG into its
    future! Looking forward to meeting you at P11. Please feel invited to present
    yourself to the group for a vote.
    best regards,

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