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14 Feb 2018
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Dear Agrisemantics members,
For those who use AgroPortal either to find or to publish semantic resource, please do not forget to participate in this survey!
Great improvements have been made so far. Are you happy with them? Do you have other expectations? Please tell!
Sophie Aubin - Inra - DIST
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Objet : Re: [agroportal-users] AgroPortal metadata new features short appreciation survey
Dear all,
Thanks to those who have already answered.
We really need your inputs before the end of the week.
Can you take a moment to check out the short survey ?
Clement Jonquet
Le 7 févr. 2018 à 11:50, Clement Jonquet <***@***.***> a écrit :
Dear AgroPortal users and community ;)
As some of you know, in 2017, we have implemented some important new features within AgroPortal related to ontology metadata [1].
Now this work is currently being evaluated (under submission to a semantic web/ semantics journal). In the process of presenting our work and discussing perspectives, we would like your feedback on 3+1 pages that have changed in AgroPortal (with releases 1.3 and 1.4).
We have prepared a short « appreciation & feedback » survey that we would love you to spend 10 minutes on:
IF YOU CAN DO THIS IN THE NEWT 10 DAYS, it would be awesome ;)
Our small survey is focused on AgroPortal and sent only to this mailing list.
Please note that the VSSIG ontology metadata task group prepares a larger survey about « ontology metadata » that you might receive on other channels in the next weeks too.
Thanks you for your help!!
Also, on another track, we are pleased to announce also the AgroPortal main journal paper published last January in COMPAG:
Please use this for reference from now on.
Best regards
[1] https://github.com/agroportal/documentation/wiki/Release-notes
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    Author: Clement Jonquet

    Date: 16 Feb, 2018

    Dear members,
    For those that have received another survey email from me today, please note there a re two surveys:
    (Sorry for the concomitence)
    Dear members,
    For those that have received another survey email from me today, please note there a re two surveys:
    (Sorry for the concomitence)
    One for AgroPortal users only (related to that changes in the ontology metadata model we have made in AgroPortal in 2017):
    > https://goo.gl/aXwwhT
    One for any one interested in ontologies that we have prepared with the RDA VSSIG ontology metadata task group :
    As you understood, all of this is related but our work on AgroPortal preceded the RDA VSSIG and now we need both a small eval of what we have done on AgroPortal and some insights to move further.
    Clement Jonquet

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