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    Author: Patricia R. Bel...

    Date: 27 Nov, 2017

    Dear Tom,
    Unfortunately I cannot attend the meeting on the 1st December due to a prior commitment, but I am not sure it would be necessary though. I will present IGAD activities at the OGC Agriculture Domain Working Group meeting on the 7th December, and what I would need from all IGAD working groups is a short report, if possible one or two slides with a summary of the last developments (particularly after Barcelona's RDA/IGAD meeting).
    Thanks everyone --- in anticipation!
    Patrícia Rocha Bello Bertin, PhD
    Supervisor for Transparency and Data Governance
    Secretariat for Management and Institutional Development (SGI)
    Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)
    Brasília, Brazil
    Telefone: +55 (61) 3448-1808
    www.embrapa.br | fb.com/embrapa | twitter.com/embrapa
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    IGAD has been invited to report about the last developments at the OGC Agriculture DWG meeting in December.
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