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13 Oct 2017

Please, Please, Please, do not click on the link, unless you know with certainty that this is legitimate.
One of my browsers (Firefox) got highjacked and Phishing emails have been sent to numerous people in my contact list. I fear this is one such email. I spent much of yesterday vaccinating my machine, with only limited success.
If this is a legitimate email, can someone let me know? In that case, I would apologize for the false alarm.
Very sorry,
mikevon <***@***.***>
Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] [rda-legalinterop-ig] A smartphone app for understanding...
To: RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability IG <***@***.***>
Resent-From: Jean-Bernard Minster <***@***.***>
The app is pretty cool. Get the latest app for free on your Android and iOS devices using Vshare Market app store .
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  • Timea Biro's picture

    Author: Timea Biro

    Date: 13 Oct, 2017

    Hi all,
    we have removed the user and associated content.
    Thank you, Bernard, for the heads-up.
    Kind regards,

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