FDI-WG Webconference May 25; 14:00-15:30 Rome Time

24 May 2017

Dear FDI WG Members,

Please find below the agenda for tomorrows meeting. 

We will use a skype for business conference call, I will send details before the meeting. 

Me and Julien Barde (Aymen Charef is on sick-leve) will present the following WG related activities:

  1. Overview of membership
  2. FAO plan to support regional standardization of timeseries
    1. Master Data Management services
    2. Harmonization services
    3. SDMX registries
  3. FAO recruitement of two consultants to work on:
    1. Legal aspects of data policies
    2. Metadata aspects of data policies
  4. IRD update about ongoing work related to OGC standards for fisheries datasets (Tuna Atlas use case):
    1. Using OGC metadata to describe gridded fisheries datasets (from RFMOs, tuna atlas use case),
    2. Using standard data formats (eg CSV, NetCDF) to package these datasets by complying with RDA recommandations for the data structure,
    3. Using OGC access protocols (CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS) to make previous metadata and data available with standardized Web Services.
    4. Outlooks: stock assessment model outputs / time series

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