RDA P9 Archives & Records IG: notes & slides

12 Apr 2017

Hello all,
Thanks so much to everyone who attended the group meeting at RDA Plenary 9
in Barcelona, which focused on digital preservation. You can view our
agenda for the meeting here:
During the meeting, our co-chairs Sarah and Laura took notes in an open
Google document, and we invited participants to add any amendments they
had. You can view the notes from the meeting here:
http://tinyurl.com/ldrxf9q. The doc is open for comment, so please
contribute, to ask questions or to add more context if you were there in
Barcelona. The slides from the meeting are also available in our file
repository now, you can view them here:
If you are new to our group and haven't signed up on the RDA website,
please do so here:
Looking forward to working with you all.
Best regards,
Elise Dunham, on behalf of the Archives and Records Professionals for
Research Data IG co-chairs (Elise Dunham, Rebecca Grant, Laura Molloy,
Sarah Ramdeen).

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